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Short Quotes About Life

Short Quotes About Life Given an opportunity, a great many people will wax expressive on the significance of life. A conversation regarding this matter can proceed for a considerable length of time. So called thinkers can't limit themselves from inspecting life finally from each conceivable edge: birth, youth, growing up, affection, family, profession, retirement, mature age, lastly, death.We can just observe the tip of the ceaseless icy mass called life. Life has substantially more profundity and measurement than one can understand. However, notwithstanding its boundless measurements, life can be characterized in only a couple of words. As the incomparable Mahatma Gandhi set it forth plainly, Where there is love, there is life. Finding the Love in Life An actual existence deprived of adoration is a poor thing for sure. Sentimental people guarantee that the nonappearance of a noteworthy other is the cruelest blow that life can give you. They state that you have not lived until you have cherished. Notwithstanding, ​romantic love is just piece of the woven artwork of connections that advances life. There is love for guardians, kin and companions; love for pets; love for experience; love for home; love for motion pictures, books, travel, craftsmanship, thus significantly more. German essayist and rationalist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated, We are formed and designed by what we love.Love gives us motivation to live. It carries satisfaction to our day by day life. Love rules in our most joyful minutes, working in the background to make them more joyful. Love forever builds the delight of being alive, even despite brutal conditions. Love can help conquer your most profound despondency and your darkest fears.We are exhorted not t o harp on our distress, yet to refocus and walk forward. By the by, it assists with getting trouble. We follow the best disasters on the cinema. We read about genuine and anecdotal legends. We sob with them however get back home cleansed of our distress, and talented with another point of view on life. On the off chance that you are searching for fast aid, these tragic statements give chunks of astuteness. Gain From Lifes Experiences Our encounters †regardless of whether cheerful or dismal, serene or nerve-wracking, critical or forgettable †make us what our identity is. French stone worker Auguste Rodin had stated, Nothing is an exercise in futility in the event that you utilize the experience shrewdly. He couldnt have put it better. This assortment of short statements passes on two significant messages: one, that life is an assortment of bunch encounters; and two, that the best counsel is brief. Dont Dwell on the Past A few people are continually educating the world regarding their disturbed past. They harp on past occasions however neglect to gain from their encounters. They bounce into the equivalent troublesome circumstances more than once, and afterward cry, Woe is me! Take the instance of the sequential miscreant. Or then again the bum who will not leave the love seat. Or on the other hand the never entirely recouping card shark. They guarantee that conditions are against them, overlooking that life is what we think about it. Effective individuals are the individuals who gain from their encounters. In some cases, these exercises must be learned all things considered. A short savvy quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says all that needs to be said, The years show a lot of which the days never knew. Growing up Is Not a Cakewalk Youngsters and adolescents are occupied with attempting to act like adults, while grown-ups go through their days thinking back about the joyful long stretches of youth. Aristotle was correct when he stated, The divine beings also are partial to a joke. This short statement is entertaining however it gets the point over. It offers a hilarious clarification for why we continue pining for what we don't have, continually looking for the subtle greener grass.Our scan for what could be proceeds into mature age, when we insightfully recollect the years passed by. The self assured people appreciate each second, investing energy with their kids and grandkids, putting their spare chance to the most ideal use. The doubters and the appalling neglect to see the delights of life as they stand by anxiously for death to show its face. On the off chance that you can't comprehend this fixation on death, these short passing statements will assist you with getting a handle on an alternate perspective. For example, you may believe demise to be an awful thing however artist Walt Whitman would differ with you. He once composed, Nothing can happen more excellent than death. Cleverness Makes Life Bearable A couple of days prior, I went over a sharp citation by Irish writer George Bernard Shaw. He stated, Life doesn't stop to be interesting when individuals pass on anything else than it stops to be not kidding when individuals live. Shaw was known for his clever manner of expression, and his capacity to see the comic side of life. In this statement, he gets the job done perfectly, advising us that amusingness and earnestness exist regardless of desperate. That is the reason American humorist Philander Johnsons popular words, Cheer up, the most exceedingly awful is yet to come, never neglects to animate chuckling. Looking at the situation objectively, Johnsons forecast is horrendous. However, humor makes that certainty simpler to bear.Short entertaining truisms raise spirits even in the midst of grave conditions. You can discover captivating suppositions on life, demise, and everything in the middle of in these assortments of short clever statements. Keep in mind, chuckling is the best medication. Whenever you discover life turning into excessively grim, give yourself the endowment of chuckling. Peruse some interesting short statements when you feel tearful. Relax up a little when things don't go your direction. Remember that ever-appropriate line by American creator Elbert Hubbard, Dont pay attention to life as well. Youll never receive in return alive. Live it while you despite everything can! Charlie BrownIn the book of life, the appropriate responses arent in the back.Samuel JohnsonSome want is important to keep life in motion.John Walters Life is short, so appreciate it to the fullest.David SeltzerFor a few minutes in life there are no words.Edward FitzgeraldI am supportive of the short and joyful life.Anthony HopkinsI love life since what more is there.D. H. LawrenceLife is our own to be spent, not to be saved.Woody AllenLife is partitioned into the shocking and the miserable.Johann Wolfgang von GoetheA pointless life is an early death.Donald TrumpEverything in life is luck.Bertolt Brecht Life is short as is money.Robert ByrneThe reason forever is an existence of purpose.James DeanDream as though youll live always, live as though beyond words ProverbBe not scared of going gradually; be apprehensive just of standing still.Albert CamusLife is the entirety of all your choices.Moroccan ProverbHe who has nothing amazing has nothing to live for.Emily DickinsonTo live is so a larming it allows for anything else.Will SmithLife is lived on the edge.John LennonLife is what befalls you while youre occupied with making other plans.Walter AnnenbergAccomplish something each day of your life.Alfred HitchcockDrama is existence with the dull bits cut out.Simone WeilEvery flawless life is an anecdote imagined by God.

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A Look At The Critical Understanding Of Law Social Work Essay Essays

A Look At The Critical Understanding Of Law Social Work Essay Essays A Look At The Critical Understanding Of Law Social Work Essay A Look At The Critical Understanding Of Law Social Work Essay There are army Acts of the Apostless and advice that should be viewed as which make this a confused working out. The first is the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act, 1970 s1 which requires nearby governments to be aware of the figure of impeded individuals in their limit so as to program and create stipulation of administrations. Besides, under s46 of the National Health Service and Community Care Act, 1990 they have an obligation to print a program of network consideration administrations gave. As Mr B is the carer, the Carers ( Equal Opportunities ) Act, 2004 requires Countyshire to advise him regarding his privilege to a Carer s evaluation ( Wilson et al, 2008 ) . While Mr A lived with his sibling, Countyshire would hold a legal obligation under the NHSCCA ( 1990 ) and the Carers ( Recognition and Services ) Act, 1995 to quantify Mr B s requests as boss carer for his sibling as Mr B is conventional inhabitant at that place. The Carers and Disabled Children Act ( 2000 ) gives Mr B the option to bespeak an examination regardless of whether Mr An is non engaged with consideration administrations. Neighborhood Authority Circular ( 2004 ) 24 s2 lineations great example for Mr B s commitment in his sibling s appraisal technique. For Mr An, under s47 of the NHSCCA ( 1990 ) , Countyshire would hold a legal duty to quantify his requests while he was populating with his sibling and a more distant obligation under the strategy counsel, Fair Access to Care Services 2002, gave under s7 ( 1 ) of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970, to make up ones psyche inside a reasonable clasp, what network consideration administrations ought to be given to run into his requests ( DOH, 2010 ) . The rule law is unpredictable for providing administrations, including change, for Mr A. There are covering and clashing obligations and an intricate history for Mr An is missing. This features the interest for an exhaustive examination by a Social Worker and the fitting sharing of data between the nearby governments concerned. Since help consideration is costly governments may hide behind the intricacy of the law to support their obligation. As Mr A was confined under s37 of the Mental Health Act, 1983 ( as altered by Mental Health Act, 2007 ) he would, upon go forthing clinic under s117 MHA ( 1983 ) , get free after-care administrations for his psychological wellbeing for each piece long as is required. As Mr A was kept in Ashire, that Local Authority, Local Health Board and Primary Care Trust are answerable for financing any after-care administrations ( DOH, 2008 and Barber et Al, 2009 ) . After-care benefits under s117 of MHA ( 1989 ) would non be pulled back from Mr An in the event that he declined them, or Ashire released him from consideration. Regardless of whether Mr A was decent settled in the network, he may proceed to require after-care benefits in example of falling away from the faith or mental wellbeing debilitation. They would only be pulled back if Ashire nearby approval, Mr An and the PCT concurred that he not, at this point required them ( DOH, 2008 ) . On the off chance that such a comprehension was made by Ashire so Mr An eventual unfit to secure after-cheerful under s117 of MHA ( 1989 ) however would require to be surveyed under s47 of the NHSCCA ( 1990 ) for Countyshire to flexibly consideration under the National Assistance Act ( 1948 ) . The MHA ( 1983 ) does non determine what aftercare is, by and by it is joined by a Code of Practice, 2008, which, despite the fact that non legal is viewed as guidance, as affirmed in the example of R ( Munjaz ) V Mersey Care NHS Trust ( 2005 ) ( Brammer, 2010 and Barber et Al, 2009 ) . The Code of Practice under 27.13 gives a rundown of nations to be considered in an examination which the Social Worker, with Mr An, ought to remember for the composed after consideration program ( DOH, 2008 ) . There have been army contrasts between neighborhood governments over the meaning of conventional tenant, inside s24 of the NAA ( 1948 ) , and inhabitant in s117 ( 3 ) of the MHA ( 1993 ) , and, subsequently, which approval is liable for subsidizing an individual s private consideration. The ongoing distribution Ordinary Residence by the Department of Health and the case of R ( on the utilization of M ) v. London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Another ; R ( on the use of Hertfordshire County Council ) v. London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham ( 2010 ) have given clarity and advice to design affirming that for the goals of s117 MHA ( 1983 ) afterAÂ ­care, s24 ( 5 ) of the NAA ( 1948 ) does non use ( RadclifeLeBrasseur, 2010 ) . In the occasion of Mr An, on the off chance that he is still under s117 MHA ( 1989 ) the obligation to flexibly after-care administrations, including modification, would remain with Ashire as the neighborhood approval where he was confined despite the fact that he is populating in Countyshire ( DOH, 2010 ) . Countyshire, under s24 ( 3 ) of the NAA ( 1948 ) , abdominal muscle initio set Mr An in the private spot to gracefully respite for his sibling. The spot is enlisted for tenants with insanity and physical disablements. Upon the assurance to stay at that place for good, Countyshire would hold a typical obligation to re-evaluate Mr A to ensure the spot is proper for his requests. On the off chance that it is non segment of Mr A s consideration program to flexibly suitable modification for his psychological wellbeing so Countyshire would require to finance his change, under s21 of the NAA ( 1948 ) . Mr A would other than run into the measures under the NAA ( 1948 ) s29 ( 1 ) for his domiciliary consideration administrations to be given by the neighborhood approval. NAA ( 1948 ) s29 ( 4 ) with LAC ( 93 ) 10 other than traces what consideration administrations ought to be thought of and s2 of the CSDPA ( 1970 ) gives the neighborhood approval the force and duty to flexibly such administrat ions. On the off chance that the modification is accommodated Mr A s health requests, the NHS are mindful as the nearby approval is non ready to flexibly wellbeing administrations as characterized in s21 ( 8 ) NAA ( 1948 ) . On the off chance that Mr A subsidized his ain change he would be classed as a self-funder and require a normal homestead with Countyshire, in accordance with the settled purpose preliminary in Shah v London Borough of Barnet ( 1983 ) . NAA ( 1948 ) s22 ( 2 ) permits Countyshire to manage down Mr A for the alteration. When moving out the financial examination they should use the National Assistance ( Assessment of Resources ) Regulations ( 1992 ) in simultaneousness with Charging For Residential Accommodation Guide, which is refreshed yearly ( DOH, 2010 ) . At present there is no particular resolution law in England for defenseless adult assurance. The law regulating the defending of helpless adults is taken from a figure of nearly late approaches, advice and occasion law ( Clements and Thompson, 2007 ) . Protecting has simply late gotten perceived as a nation of work in its ain right. It is a dynamically of import bit of a Social Worker s obligations, as approach and insight has given cultural assistance governments the lead work in covering with shielding issues ( Mandelstam, 2008 ) . The neighborhood approval as an open natural structure, under the Human Rights Act 1998 s6, has an obligation of consideration towards its residents, to shield them from injury and proceed with their human rights ( Braye, 2010 ) . In Z and others v UK ( 2001 ) the European Court of Human Rights saw the nearby approval as in wrongdoing of s6 ( 3 ) HRA ( 1998 ) , holding neglected to take reasonable stairss to prevent genuine sick treatment when they were insightful of abuse ( Clements and Thompson, 2007 ) . Protecting Adults processs ought to be placed in topographic point, in accordance with HRA ( 1998 ) , to back up a person to populate an actual existence that is liberated from abuse and negligence ( ADASS, 2005 ) . As the neighborhood approval has been made insightful of Mr A s late conduct towards different tenants it is of import that they name an Investigating Officer and take reasonable stairss to prevent any abuse. The Care Standards Act, 2000 model 18, specifies that nearby governments and consideration places must hold a composed defending arrangement which would use to Ashire, Countyshire and the private consideration place. Other than in 2000, the Department of Health distributed the No Secrets arrangement papers, which gives advice to nearby governments on the most proficient method to ensure powerless adults and execute strategies to secure them. The strategy requires neighborhood governments to hold composed multi agency defending processs and strategies ( Brammer, 2010 ) . No Secrets is viewed as legal insight in light of the fact that the LASSA ( 1970 ) , s7 requires a neighborhood approval to move under such direction. The occasion of R v Islington LBC, ex p Rixon ( 1996 ) , showed that an approval is moving unlawfully on the off chance that they stray from the guidance ( Mandelstram, 2008 ) . The Association of Directors of Social Services in 2004, distributed the Protocol For Inter-Authority Investigation Of Vulnerable Adult Abuse. This convention with notice to s3.8 of No Secrets ( 2000 ) and National Assistance Act 1948 LAC ( 93 ) 7, explained the obligation and activities of the host and puting neighborhood governments as for shielding. In the example of Mr An, in spite of the fact that the private spot reached Ashire, it would be the obligation of Countyshire, as the host nearby approval, to start to lead the pack in protecting processs. Be that as it may, a nexus individual from Ashire would be welcome to go to any adult security plot meeting, on the off chance that it is the neighborhood approval financing his change, as it would in any case be relied upon to hold a duty of go oning consideration for Mr A ( 2004: 1-2 ) . In 2005, ADASS distributed Safeguarding Adults, providing a national model for good example in adult assurance work, including givin

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Blog Archive Beyond the MBA Classroom Columbia Business School Follies When you select an MBA program, you are not just choosing your learning environment, but are also committing to becoming part of a community. Each Thursday, we offer a window into life “beyond the MBA classroom” at a top business school. The end of each semester at Columbia Business School (CBS) is marked with CBS Folliesâ€"a completely student-run comedy and entertainment show that is performed for the school’s student body, which, we were informed, has been known to get rather rowdy during these presentations. CBS Follies made its mark in 2006 with the YouTube hit “Every Breath Bernanke Takes, which lampooned CBS Dean Glenn Hubbard’s position as runner-up to Ben Bernanke to become chairman of the Federal Reserve. For in-depth descriptions of social and community activities at CBS and 13 other top MBA programs, check out the mbaMission Insider’s Guides. Share ThisTweet Beyond the MBA Classroom Columbia University (Columbia Business School)

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The Cask Of Amontillado, By Edgar Allan Poe And The Yellow...

An unreliable narrator is a character who is telling a story, but is not completely accurate or credible due to problems with the character s mental state or maturity. The unreliable narrator holds a distorted view of the events taking place. This distortion gives readers a chance to offer their own interpretations to the story being told. Unreliable narration is valuable to the reader and satisfying to the author because the audience must look beyond what the narrator is portraying and view all the elements of the read to understand the author s message. The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman are great examples of unreliable narration. The Cask of Amontillado, Poe tells the story through the eyes and voice of the character Montresor, a seemingly wealthy socialite in nineteenth century Italy. Montresor is the classic example of an unreliable narrator. Montresor begins the story with You, who know the nature of my soul. This lets the reader know he is telling an unknown entity the story. Montresor tells the story in detail of how he leads a man, Fortunato, to his death. Montresor repeatedly expresses the need to kill Fortunato because he has done something to insult him and he must pay for it with his life. Montresor tells readers early in the story that he is going to be lying to Fortunato’s face by acting one way, but thinking about killing him the whole time. He says I continued, as was my wont, to smile inShow MoreRelated The Yellow Wallpaper and The Cask Of Amontillado763 Words   |  4 PagesThe Yellow Wallpaper and The Cask Of Amontillado  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      The short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, written by Charlotte Gilman, and The Cask of Amontillado written by Edgar Allan Poe, are stories in which the plots are very different, but share similar qualities with the elements in the story. The Cask of Amontillado is a powerful tale of revenge, in which the narrator of the tale pledges revenge upon Fortunato for an insult. The Yellow Wallpaper is a story about a womanRead MoreANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 Pagesof Cain a legacy of guilt that the outcast Brand shares with his Biblical counterpart. One must also, however, be alert to names used ironically which characterize through inversion. Such is the case with the foolish Fortunato of Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado, who surely must rank with the most unfortunate of men. 2. CHARACTERIZATION THROUGH APPEARANCE. Although in real life most of us are aware that appearances are often deceiving, in the world of fiction details of appearance often provide essential

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The Meaning of Social Order in Sociology

Social order is a fundamental concept in sociology that refers to the way the various components of society work together to maintain the status quo. They include: social structures and institutionssocial relationssocial interactions and behaviorcultural features such as norms, beliefs, and values Definition Outside the field of sociology, people often use the term social order to refer to a state of stability and consensus that exists in the absence of chaos and upheaval. Sociologists, however, have a more complex understanding of the term. Within the field, it refers to the organization of many interrelated parts of a society. Social order is present when individuals agree to a shared social contract that states that certain rules and laws must be abided and certain standards, values, and norms maintained. Social order can be observed within national societies, geographical regions, institutions and organizations, communities, formal and informal  groups, and even at the scale of global society. Within all of these, social order is most often hierarchical; some people hold more power than others so they can enforce the laws, rules, and norms necessary for the preservation of social order. Practices, behaviors, values, and beliefs that are counter to those of the social order are typically framed as deviant and/or dangerous  and are curtailed through the enforcement of laws, rules, norms, and taboos. Social Contract The question of how social order is achieved and maintained is the question that gave birth to the field of sociology. In his book  Leviathan, English philosopher Thomas Hobbes laid the groundwork for the exploration of this question within the social sciences. Hobbes recognized that without some form of social contract, there could be no society, and chaos and disorder would reign. According to Hobbes, modern states were created to provide social order. People agree to empower the state to enforce the rule of law, and in exchange, they give up some individual power. This is the essence of the social contract that lies at the foundation of Hobbes theory of social order. As sociology became an established field of study, early thinkers became keenly interested in the question of social order. Founding figures such as Karl Marx and Émile Durkheim focused their attention on the significant transitions that occurred before and during their lifetimes, including industrialization, urbanization, and the waning of religion as a significant force in social life. These two theorists, though, had polar opposite views on how social order is achieved and maintained, and to what ends. Durkheims Theory Through his study of the role of religion in primitive and traditional societies, French sociologist Émile Durkheim came to believe that social order arose out of the shared beliefs, values, norms, and practices of a given group of people. His view locates the origins of social order in the practices and interactions of daily life as well as those associated with rituals and important events. In other words, it is a theory of social order that puts culture at the forefront. Durkheim theorized that it was through the culture shared by a group, community, or society that a sense of social connection—what he called solidarity—emerged between and among people and that worked to bind them together into a collective. Durkheim referred to a groups shared collection of beliefs, values, attitudes, and knowledge as the collective conscience. In primitive and traditional societies Durkheim observed that sharing these things was enough to create a mechanical solidarity that bound the group together. In the larger, more diverse, and urbanized societies of modern times, Durkheim observed that it was the recognition of the need to rely on each other to fulfill different roles and functions that bound society together. He called this organic solidarity. Durkheim also observed that social institutions—such as the state, media, education, and law enforcement—play formative roles in fostering a collective conscience in both traditional and modern societies. According to Durkheim, it is through our interactions with these institutions and with the people around us that we participate in the maintenance of rules and norms and behavior that enable the smooth functioning of society. In other words, we work together to maintain social order. Durkheims view became the foundation for the functionalist perspective,  which views society as the sum of interlocking and interdependent parts that evolve together to maintain social order. Marxs Critical Theory German philosopher Karl Marx took a different view of social order. Focusing on the transition from pre-capitalist to capitalist economies and their effects on society, he developed a theory of social order centered on the economic structure of society and the social relations involved in the production of goods. Marx believed that these aspects of society were responsible for producing the social order, while others—including social institutions and the state—were responsible for maintaining it. He referred to these two components of society as the base and the superstructure. In his writings on capitalism, Marx argued that the superstructure grows out of the base and reflects the interests of the ruling class that controls it. The superstructure justifies how the base operates, and in doing so, justifies the power of the ruling class. Together, the base and the superstructure create and maintain social order. From his observations of history and politics, Marx concluded that the shift to a capitalist industrial economy throughout Europe created a class of workers who were exploited by company owners and their financiers. The result was a hierarchical class-based society in which a small minority held power over the majority, whose labor they used for their own financial gain. Marx believed social institutions did the work of spreading the values and beliefs of the ruling class to maintain a social order that would serve their interests and protect their power. Marxs critical view of social order is the basis of the conflict theory perspective in sociology, which views social order as a precarious state shaped by ongoing conflicts between groups that are competing for access to resources and power. Merit in Each Theory While some sociologists align themselves with either Durkheims or Marxs view of social order, most recognize that both theories have merit. A nuanced understanding of social order must acknowledge that it is the product of multiple and sometimes contradictory processes. Social order is a necessary feature of any society and it is deeply important for building a sense of belonging and connection with others. At the same time, social order is also responsible for producing and maintaining oppression. A true understanding of how social order is constructed must take all of these contradictory aspects into account.

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Importance of Sleep Essay - 788 Words

Importance of Sleep It has been proposed, by some, that humans do not really need to sleep, and that we do so only out of habit. However, much research would suggest otherwise. It is true that some individuals (e.g. those suffering from insomnia) are able to live on very small amounts of sleep, but nevertheless, they do need some. Studies of sleep deprivation have found that there may be severe consequences of not sleeping at. Randy Gardner, for example, went without sleep for 11 nights. By the end of this period, he suffered severe hallucinations and paranoia. He found interacting with other people difficult and even lost some of his sense of personal identity. There were, however, no long†¦show more content†¦Stern and Morgane put forward an alternative restoration theory, proposing that during sleep, the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain are restored. Again, this theory would seem plausible, in part because people who take antidepressants (these drugs help restore neurotransmitter levels) appear to need less REM sleep than normal. Evolutionary theories would perhaps seem less likely than restoration ones in terms of explaining the apparent need for sleep. According to hibernation theory (Webb, 1982), sleep has evolved to enable energy to be saved at times when being awake and active would be of little use to animals (e.g. because it is too dark for them to do anything). However, this does not seem to be applicable to humans - in order to meet the current demands of society (such as work and social activity), being awake all of the time would be of extreme value, especially as electric lights and so on mean that 24 hour activity would be possible. It is difficult to see, then, how sleep could be advantageous as Webb suggested. Neither can Meddis (1975) theory be easily applied to humans. He suggested that sleep evolved so that animals can remain inactive and, consequently, hidden at times when they are more likely to be predated. As humans are the species highest in the food chain, it is unlikely that this b estShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Sleep782 Words   |  4 PagesN#1086;rm#1072;ll#1091; #1072;ft#1077;r #1072; day #1086;f work, w#1077; #1109;h#1086;uld sleep easily #1072;nd achieve #1072; deep rest thr#1086;ugh#1086;ut th#1077; night. However, m#1072;n#1091; people d#1086; n#1086;t experience this, #1110;n#1109;t#1077;#1072;d th#1077;#1091; h#1072;v#1077; difficulty falling asleep, th#1077;#1091; d#1086; n#1086;t g#1077;t #1077;n#1086;ugh sleep #1086;r th#1077;#1091; wake u#1088; #1109;#1077;v#1077;r#1072;l times #1072;t dawnRead MoreEssay on importance of sleep979 Words   |  4 PagesSleep is a physical and mental resting state in which a person becomes relatively inactive and unaware of the environment. In essence, sleep is a partial detachment from the world, where most external stimuli are blocked from the senses. Normal sleep is characterized by a general decrease in body temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate, and most other bodily functions. In contrast, the human brain never decreases inactivity. Studies have shown that the brain is as active during sleep as itRead MoreThe Importance of Sleep, Nutri1281 Words   |  6 PagesThe importance of sleep, nutrition, and exercise Many students today ask why they are so tired all the time. It also seems that people in college become more stressed out either because of grades or because of work. All people need to do is get the right amount of sleep, eating well, and exercise in order to feel better about themselves and feel good in general. This is not a short process. Most experts say that it takes about twelve weeks in order to see results. But, it is guaranteed thatRead MoreThe Importance of Sleep Essay1681 Words   |  7 PagesSleep is an extremely interesting phenomenon in which the mind almost completely departs from the usual realm of consciousness. It is distinguished from quiet wakefulness and a decreased ability to react to stimuli where we become less aware of our surroundings. However, it is more easily reversed than being in hibernation or a coma. It is a function that has been extensively researched by many. After all, we would not have evolved a mechanism that forces us to spend one-third of our lives sleepingRead MoreImportance of Sleep Essay897 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the late 1800s and early 1900s, nine hours of sleep was the norm, but no more. Technology and long work hours often prevent sleeping nine to ten hours each night; however, eight hours would vastly improve psychological and physical health and well-being. Chronic sleep deprivation is less than five hours nightly. Getting the proper rest is important to stay alert during the day; Studies prove that eight or more hours of restful slumber every night enhances mood, brain function, and increasesRead MoreThe Importance Of Sleep In The House858 Words   |  4 Pagessummer, also it used for sleeping outdoor in the hottest months, the outdoor sitting area considered as a room without a roof its walls are ï â‚¬1.8m height, to cast a big shadow in the sitting area (Figs14). In additional; the inner courts (or back courtyard) served as a thermal regulator. A central staircase is connecting indoor lobby at the ground floor and semi-shaded lobby at first floor, working as ventilation tower, the two level lobbies are always ventilated by a vertical and cross stream ofRead MoreThe Importance Of Sleep Hygiene733 Words   |  3 PagesGood quality sleep can make a big difference in your quality of life. Having healthy sleep habits is often referred to as having good  sleep hygiene, It involves  a variety of different practices and habits that are necessary to have good nighttime sleep quality and full daytime alertness. Why is it important to practice good sleep hygiene? Obtaining healthy sleep is essential for both physical and mental health. It can also improve productivity and overall quality of life. Everyone, from childrenRead MoreThe Importance of Sleep and Stress Management646 Words   |  3 PagesThe Importance of Sleep and Stress Management On March 21, 2013, I attended a StaySharp: Managing Stress and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle sleep and stress management seminar at the Ted Rogers School of Management in order to gain a better understand the antecedents of stress and how these can be mitigated through stress management techniques in ways that contribute to improved sleep and relaxation habits. The seminars key objectives included helping attendees gain an improved understandingRead MoreThe Importance of Sleep Essay2311 Words   |  10 PagesSleep is a vital part of life. The many different functions of the body depend on sleep to reenergize and grow. Various types of sleep disorders and parasomnias can interfere with sleep, leaving one feeling sluggish and slow. Many people live with sleep disorders that are untreated or not diagnosed, while others suffer with these disorders, and are unable to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep disorders affect many people and they can be easily treated. Other types of sleep disorders can be grown outRead MoreThe Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep671 Words   |  3 PagesSpecific purpose: To inform on the importance of sleep. Thesis Statement: Sleeping is a positive attribute, which gives you a better chance to be productive and live a healthier lifestyle. Attention Getter: Weight gain, headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and attention deficit disorder are all caused by one factor, according to the National Sleep Foundation when our sleeping requirements are not met (National Sleep Foundation 2007). Some surveys conducted by the NSF (1999-2004)

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Caltex Annual Report Financial Statements - Click to Get Solution

Questions: 1. How is the group of companies funded? Share capital, debentures? Any options, bonus issues etc. Who owns the group? 2. Does the published set of group financial statements reveal the companys policy on corporate governance? Audit committees? Sustainability? Solvency? Should it? If so, where and why? Answers: 1. From the annual report, it is clear that the funding is done through share capital. The main intent of the company is to have a strong capital that is not burdened by debentures and hence, share capital forms a major part. There are three major substantial shareholder of the company BlackRock Group, Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co and Perpetual limited. Substantial shareholders mean that they provide the major contribution. Caltex has one class of equity shares that is the ordinary shares and the total number of securities comes to 22,465. The annual report signifies the 20 largest shareholder of Caltex (Caltex, 2015). During the period of reporting, 809001 purchases of shares were done on market and the average cost appeared to be $37.05 per share for the equity incentive plan. Other than it, the company also engaged in buyback of shares that amounted to $270 million market share buyback (Caltex, 2015). The share capital of Caltex consists of 270 million ordinary shares that are fully paid. However, no bonus shares or options were provided to any employee in the reported period. 2. Caltex is listed on the ASX and hence adheres to the principles of the governance. The group is committed to provide the best practice through the governance policies and practices. This enables to cater to the need of the stakeholders and shareholders. The published set of financial statements clearly stress on the corporate governance principles. The company clearly discloses all the relevant facts and figures. Caltex has a strong level of compliance that helps in proper and regular disclosure. This can be witnessed by the disclosure of the financial results, dividends, outlook of the profit, main strategic decisions. All are clearly indicated in the annual report. Moreover, full disclosure is provided on the audit committee which is the major highlight of the principles of the corporate governance (Clarke, 2010). The role of the audit committee and its main features is clearly laid down in the annual report. The charter is available atand can be referred at any point of time. S ustainability is even defined in the annual report. It is a forerunner and disclose all the relevant information on emission under the National Pollutant inventory. It is evident from the disclosure that Caltex is a signatory to the Australian Packaging covenant with a compliance of 100% among the product suppliers. The part dealing with the solvency can be easily projected through the financial statements. Financial statements provide detail explanation of every item and hence, a clear cut interpretation can be done related to the solvency of the company. The principles of corporate governance ensure that proper disclosure is done so that the interest of the shareholder is not compromised (Horngren, 2013). By looking at the financial statements it can be commented that the company adheres to the principles of the corporate governance. Therefore, adequate disclosure is justified. All the sections are properly highlighted indicating that it meets the criteria of corporate governance. References Caltex 2015, Caltex: Annual report and accounts 2014, viewed 23 May 2016. Clarke, T 2010, International Corporate Governance, London and New York, Routledge. Horngren, C 2013, Financial accounting, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W, Pearson Australia Group.